The source of solar energy


Solar energy is the energy of nuclear fusion reactions inside the sun or sunspot surface continuously generated. The average solar radiation intensity on the Earth’s orbit is 1367w / m. Earth’s equatorial circumference is 40000km, thus calculated, the energy of the Earth to get up 173000TW. At sea level standard peak intensity is 1kw / m, the Earth’s surface to a point 24h annual average radiation intensity is 0.20kw / m, equivalent to have 102000TW of energy, the energy dependence of human survival, including all other forms of Renewable energy (excluding geothermal resources), although the total amount of solar energy resources equivalent to human use of energy ten thousand times, but the low energy density of solar energy, and it vary, the time change, which is the development and utilization of solar energy The main problem facing. These features make it the role of solar energy in the entire complex system subject to certain restrictions.

Although solar radiation energy to the Earth’s atmosphere was only 2.2 billion minutes of its total radiation energy, but has been as high 173,000TW, that is to say every second exposure to the sun’s energy on Earth the equivalent of 5 million tons of coal. Wind, hydro, ocean thermal earth energy, wave energy and biomass and tidal energy comes from the sun part; even fossil fuels (such as coal, oil, gas, etc.) on the planet is fundamentally ancient Since the storage of solar energy down, so a broad range of solar energy included very large, narrowly limited to the direct conversion of solar energy is light and heat of solar radiation, photovoltaic and photochemical.
Solar (Solar Energy), generally refers to radiant energy of sunlight, is generally used in modern power generation. Since formation of the Earth to heat and light the living creatures on the main sun provides, ancient humans understand object to the sun to dry, and as a method of food preservation, such as salt and salted fish drying and the like. However, reduction in fossil fuel, the only intends to further develop solar energy. There passive use of solar energy use (photothermal conversion) and photoelectric conversion in two ways. Solar power an emerging renewable energy. Solar broad sense is the source of a lot of energy on the planet, and wind energy, chemical energy, potential energy of water and so on.

With increasingly scarce, investment cost basis of energy rising, safety and pollution problems can be described as ubiquitous in the earth’s resources. Thus, solar lighting products in the wake of the popularity of solar water heaters students should, however, in contrast to where we make practical use of solar lighting and electricity fixtures results.

Compare a mains lighting installation complexity: in the city lighting project has a complex operating procedures, first laying of cables, cable trench excavation will be carried out here, the laying of underground pipe, pipe threading, backfill and other large infrastructure projects. Then a long period of installation, such as a line there is any problem, we have a large area of ​​rework. And the terrain and lines require complex, the high cost of labor and auxiliary materials. Easy to install solar lights: solar lighting installation when, without laying a complex line, just do a cement base, then with stainless steel screws.

Compare two high electricity mains lighting: mains lighting work in a fixed high tariffs, to long uninterrupted lines and other configurations for maintenance or replacement, maintenance costs annually. Solar lighting Free electricity: solar lighting is a one-time investment, no maintenance costs, three years to recover investment costs, long-term benefit.

Compare three mains lighting security risks: mains lighting due to construction quality, landscape lighting transformation, materials aging, power supply is not normal, bring a lot of security risks conflict electric water pipes and so on. Solar lighting is no security risk: Solar lighting is ultra-low-voltage products, safe and reliable operation.
Other advantages of solar lighting: green, can add a new selling point for the noble ecological community development and promotion; sustainable reduce property management costs, reduce the cost of public share part of the owners. To sum up the contrast, solar lighting of security without risks, no consumption of energy saving, environmental protection, ease of installation, the inherent characteristics of maintenance and other automatic control will bring obvious advantages directly available construction real estate sales, municipal engineering.


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