What are types of wallpaper

Wallpaper originated in Europe, the Nordic countries currently most popular, environmentally friendly and quality, followed by the South-East Asian countries, Japan, and Korea wallpaper penetration is as high as 90%. In China, the wallpaper for their colorful, convenient construction and is also widely used in home decoration. Wallpaper has long been widely used by consumers, adds more ornamental wallpaper for home for the home better. But consumers can distinguish very well wallpaper selection? with all to know wallpaper today. 1, paper wallpaper paper wallpaper is the earliest development of the wallpaper. On paper printed with various patterns, base breathable, moisture can make the base of the wall to send, will not cause discoloration, swelling, and so on. This wallpaper is cheaper, but poor performance, not water, scrub resistance, easily broken, yet not easy to construct, has gradually been eliminated, belongs to the low quality wallpaper.
2, and plastic wallpaper plastic wallpaper this is currently production up, sales have most fast of a wallpaper. by with plastic most for PVC, referred to PVC plastic wallpaper. plastic wallpaper usually is divided into general wallpaper, and sent bubble wallpaper,, each class and points several varieties, each varieties again is divided into variety of color. General wallpaper with 80g each square meters of paper for base material, coated plastic 100g each square meters around of PVC paste-like resin, again by printing, and monochrome pressure spent, and Printing pressure spent several type. sent bubble wallpaper with 100g each square meters of paper for base material, coated plastic 300-400g each square meters mixed has sent bubble agent of PVC paste-like resin, printing Hou again sent bubble and into. This class wallpaper than General wallpaper is thick, and soft. which high sent bubble wallpaper surface is rich elastic of bump-like; low sent bubble wallpaper is in sent bubble plane printing has pattern pattern, shaped as relief, and wood lines, and tile. plastic wallpaper color varieties more, applies surface wide. price low, breathable sex good, seams easily cracking, And surface with a layer of wax and dirt can be cleaned with a damp cloth, so sales are good. 3 wallpaper is wallpaper, natural materialsnatural materials used grass, wood, leaves, made with raw materials from nature such as the surface layer of wallpaper. this wallpaper because it is based on the nature, style and natural simplicity, elegant and generous, atmosphere and give people back to basics back to nature feeling. 4 glass fiber wallpaper, glass fiber wallpaper, also known as glass fibre wall covering. it is based on glass fiber cloth used as substrate, surface coating resins, printing of new wall materials. It of base material is with in the alkali glass fiber woven, to polypropylene, and acid methyl enzyme, as raw materials for dyeing and the crisp processing, formed color fabric, again to acetic acid b enzyme, configuration food color pulp printing, by cut side, and reel became finished. glass fiber wall covering pattern range, color bright, in indoor using not faded, and not aging, fire, and moisture performance good, can scrub, construction also compared simple. 5, textile wallpaper with silk, woven, wool, cotton, hemp and other fibers. Good texture, permeability. Decorate the room with it, give the elegant, soft, comfortable feel. Nonwoven wallpaperis used cotton, hemp and other natural fibres or polyester, nitrile synthetic fibers, after nonwoven on the molding, resin, printing color pattern of a high-level decorative materials. Its characteristics is neat, easily torn, elastic, table
Surface polishing, and feel the sheep villi, and bright color, patterns and elegant, not fade, with certain permeability can be scrubbed. Damask wall covering is one of the more advanced, satin weave pattern in a quaint fine, gorgeous color, soft texture, high technical and technology requirements of paper. Its price is more expensive. Used for interior high decoration. 6, metal membranes made of coated metal film on wallpaper at the grass-roots, stainless steel, brass, gold, silver and other metal texture and luster. No poison, no smell, no static, resistant to moisture, resistant to Sun, scrubbing, not faded, an intaglio is a high-grade material. This wallpaper gives people the impression of magnificent, stately and elegant, suitable for the atmosphereof the occasion, are generally used for karaoke bars, hotels and other public places, homes are unsuitable.
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