What is Solar Mosquito Killer?


Solar mosquito lamp is has been approved by the state as a utility model patent product · The product adopt solar (amorphous silicon) solar cell production technology and new technology to convert solar energy to electrical energy storage utilization, the use of solar power to destroy mosquito lamp, produce lure mosquitoes and mosquito lethal electric shock will. Its maximum power from solar photovoltaic power supply, a large agricultural development and tourism take.


For pest phototaxis and traditional light trap made of organic combination of solar energy during the day to receive the storage automatically turn off the lights at night, intelligent electronically controlled automatic start blacklight, open the solar light, produce photovoltaic effect, kill pests female body, to prevent pest reproduction. There can greatly reduce the advantages of the use of pesticides, and can replace conventional electricity, there is the advantage of saving energy, is the most ideal of human physical pest control methods.
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The product has a light control, time control, automatic shut Kai, high pressure shock, automatic protection (in case of rain the high-pressure environment that is automatically shut down the short-circuit, short circuit to exclude automatically switched) function, innovative, advanced, mechanical and electrical integration, automation a higher degree of new technology products.


1, booby range, long service life. A radiation 5-7 kung, use 5–7 years.
2, pest control effect is good, high efficiency extermination.
3, using a wide range, the role of many kinds. Applicable to a variety of agricultural and forestry crops, grain fields, cotton fields, vegetable fields, trees, flowers and orchards, can be used.
4, to achieve pollution-free, reduce the burden on the people
5, energy conservation, safety
6, reliable, easy to install, affordable, inexpensive
The machine stable performance, reliable quality, reasonable structure, wind resistance (resistant 8 9 typhoons), high and low angle can be adjusted at any time, easy to use. Its elegant appearance, can also be formed contiguous to install the new rural construction, agricultural tourism highlights.

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