Craft solar garden lights


Craft Solar garden lights are used in the construction of urban gardens, set in one of the decorative lighting fixtures, the city has been widely used in the slow lane, narrow lane, residential areas, tourist attractions, parks, squares, private gardens, courtyards and other public places on the road corridors single side or both sides for road lighting, increase the time people in outdoor activities, and improve the safety of people travel at night, improve the safety of life and property. Meanwhile, lawn can change people’s mood, improve people’s mood, change people’s ideas, creating a palette-like light and dark of night.

Craft Solar garden lights are modified process magnesite cement-based materials, supplemented by the necessary filler, after reasonable configuration, molding, natural conservation from the new lawn for urban green space dotted the city during the day, night both to provide the necessary lighting and living facilities, increase people’s sense of security, but also to highlight the city highlights, interpretation beautiful style. Specific advantages are as follows:
1, high-strength lightweight: Magnesite craft lawn light magnesium oxide and magnesium chloride as the main raw material, after forming only durable, and lightweight, easy to install;
2, nice: Magnesite craft lawn lamp uses wood, Imitate, melamine, antique copper and other coatings and coating technology, beautiful shape, smooth lines and rich colors, rich decorative appearance of the lawn, improve the lawn grade decorative lights;
3, cheap: magnesite craft lawn light not only waterproof fire, dust corrosion, long life, and low cost, with a high price;
4, anti-theft alarm: metal lawn light not only rust, but also easy to steal, high maintenance costs later, magnesite craft lawn light no recycling value, anti-theft;
5, energy saving: the magnesite production processes use non-toxic lawn light, a new generation of environmentally friendly energy-saving materials, in line with national policy guidance;
6, a light multi-purpose: magnesite technology not only as lights lawn lamp, lawn use, but also according to the actual needs of the internally mounted audio components, sound lights for garden use;
7, prospects: Magnesite process modeling nice lawn light, cost-effective, can be widely used in gardens, parks, urban roads and other places, especially suitable for lawn squares, parks and other public places, a good nursery, decorative performance, and surroundings perfect fusion, with a very broad market prospects.

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