Advantages of Solar Desk Lamp


Is the use of solar desk lamp illumination by solar panels to absorb solar energy to convert into electricity and stored in the battery when needed lighting, turn on the switch, can be used for lighting. Use super bright LED as the light source, with energy saving features use of solar charging, without frequent replacement battery, adapt the clean, environmentally friendly trend. The product is easy to carry, simple operation, is modern life ideal lighting tool.
(1) lit at no cost – solar powered
Clean and green super energy-saving, high-brightness low-power high-tech astigmatism LED lamp as a light source. Solar panels or electricity as a power supply. Not only easy to move, and almost does not consume electricity. By the meteorological department to incomplete statistics (according to different areas, there are also the big difference), generally sunny days a year 65 percent of the total number of days, the user will go out during the day when the battery cartridge is removed and placed on the balcony, when the evening come back again battery cartridge into the lamp, for night use. In plenty of sun light a day, reading lamps can be used continuously for more than 3.5 hours, to fully meet the user to use a night. So that it can rely on solar energy to maintain study lamp power supply, without the use of electricity to the national grid power supply, so there is extra pay for electricity users. When there is no sunlight, you can use the AC power supply, 60 efficient LED lights astigmatism only 3.6W, but is equivalent to 45W traditional incandescent light, but its low power consumption of. 3.6W power consumption, usually with fixed meter. Even driven meters, a year-round using the AC power supply, electricity generated at 6 yuan a year also inside, so this lamp for electricity is almost free. (2) eye-care lamp – DC lighting no stroboscopic no radiation.
Mentioned lamp eye and health care function, you must first understand the “flash” and “electromagnetic radiation” means and harm to the human body. Simply put, the direct use of alternating strobe light source must exist, heat source there must also heat radiation. This is not difficult to understand, now on the market a large number of so-called “eye” light is actually impossible to achieve zero flicker and zero radiation. If the product is to use a low-voltage DC power supply, low heat (LED is a low-power products), even if this lamp with an AC power supply, but also the use of the adapter, the AC has become a low-voltage DC power, so as to truly zero Strobe and zero radiation.
(3) power long light – complete with emergency light function
Products with charging function, when the user power supply using the AC adapter, on the one hand to the LED lights provide energy, the other is automatically stopped (with the control system if the board found that the battery voltage is low, timely internal NiMH battery charging, full after load can never charge generally 11 hours to full.
If the batteries have more than electricity, then the charging time is shorter. Internal circuitry when the power cut directly to the internal nickel-metal hydride battery, the battery is full circumstances, high brightness lighting time up to 7.5 hours. AC power can not be achieved when the continuous charging, you can directly remove the battery box placed in the sun one day, it allows users to use one day. Now electricity shortages often power outages, to bring a lot of inconvenience to people’s lives, especially in the summer, an easy power, and the other is very abundant sunshine, so in the evening, users do not worry because of power outages and missed homework or other study thing. This lamp can provide long efficient lighting.
(4) Long life lamp – Low voltage low current power supply, far less than the fluorescent light fades coefficient.
Low power consumption and high brightness LED lights astigmatism environmentally friendly high-tech products are just a small low-voltage current supply can be, it’s life 10 times longer than fluorescent lamp, 100 times longer than incandescent.
(5) Low Safelight – low voltage power supply no security risks.
9V voltage power supply, there is no problem cause harm inadvertently lamp and other use. Especially active child, even bare hands to touch the lamp inside the wire connectors or sheet metal, it will not exist any electric shock. Very safe.
(6) Environmental
Interior uses a lithium ion battery, compliance with international environmental requirements of the Convention, can be used repeatedly. Use inexhaustible, with the incessant clean energy – solar energy, energy saving and environmental protection, no secondary pollution.
(7) a multi-purpose
Between the battery pack and the lamp body thanks to plug-in connection, the battery pack can easily swap from the lamp body down, placed in the sunlight is automatically charged. Full, can be placed directly on the lamp chassis slots for lamp lighting, but also can be battery compartment panels directly removed, the other wall lamp chandeliers based company produces power use, the card can be. While a USB port on the battery box, the other lamp power supply for the company’s direct and charging use, truly a multi-purpose, making the product more powerful and practical.
(8) construction of new fashion
The lamp has the appearance of new, simple and stylish, durable, reliable and stable quality, long life and other advantages.

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