Current Situation and Prospects solar market analysis


Abstract: Energy is the cornerstone of modern social existence and development. With the continuous development of the global economy and society, but also the corresponding energy consumption continues to grow, but fossil fuels are non-renewable, so fossil energy supply in the context of growing tension, large-scale development and utilization of renewable energy sources has become a future national energy strategy an important part. This article aims to introduce the current situation and development direction of solar energy development.

Keywords: solar energy; clean energy; fossil energy; photovoltaic; photothermal conversion

Fossil energy is buried plants and animals millions of years ago after a long geological age of the formation, so. Over time, more and more fossil energy scarcity highlighted, and this scarcity is gradually reflected in the price of energy commodities. Moreover, the use of fossil energy in the process will bring a series of such as the greenhouse effect, dust, acid rain and other environmental problems. And in the energy consumption structure in the proportion of the world’s fossil energy reaches 87%, in our country, the proportion of fossil energy has reached 92%! Therefore, in the fossil energy supply has become tight in the background, large-scale development and utilization of renewable energy sources has become a future national energy strategy an important part.

1 of the advantages of solar energy
In such a variety of new clean energy wind, water conservancy energy, tidal energy, solar energy, etc., there are many experts and scholars have solar green eyes.
First Solar is universal: the sun shine on the earth, there is no geographical restrictions, whether on land or sea, either mountains or islands, are everywhere, and recent direct the development and use, and Needless to mining and transport. Secondly, there are harmless harmful nature of solar energy development and utilization of solar energy does not pollute the environment, it is one of the cleanest energy, environmental pollution is getting worse today, this

Second, the total amount of solar energy is enormous: each year on the sun to reach the earth’s surface radiation equivalent to about 130 trillion tons of coal, according to the World Energy Conference statistics, the world’s proven recoverable coal reserves totaled 1.598 trillion tons, is expected to also mined 200 years, the total amount of fossil energy worldwide is equivalent to 3.373 trillion tons of mineable coal, it can be said that the case of the maximum total amount of solar energy in the world today can be developed.

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