LTL820–36Led Cool USB Charger Solar Lantern

LTL820 – 36Led Cool USB Charger Solar Lantern

Product Description:

1) Power source: AC110V ~ 250V DC 9V
2) Charging time: 10 hours approx for AC charger adaptor.
20 hours approx in the strong sunlight for solar panel.
3) Duration time: 10 hours approx after being fully charged.
4) Rechargeable battery: 6V/4AH maintenance free Lead-acid battery
5) Light source: 36pcs super bright LED.
6) Outer shell : ABS plastic,With protected stainless steel at bottom
7) Available color:blue,orange,silver…
8) Charging mode :
1) AC charger adaptor
2) Solar panel: on the top of the latern,2.2W multi-crystalline silicon solar panel,
9)USB mobile phone charger



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