Solar Lighting Application Overview

Solar energy as a new, first applied in the civilian aspects of the lighting. Currently, in the west light engineering, non-trunk solar lights, solar garden lights and solar lawn lights, solar decorative lights, etc. have been gradually scale. In the design of solar lighting, involving light, solar systems, battery charge and discharge control many factors, any one part of a problem will cause a product defect. In this paper, the external characteristics of the solar cell, battery charge and discharge control, solar lighting often makes LED lamps with trichromatic energy efficient comparison and analysis of their respective advantages and disadvantages and the use of the occasion. At the same time on the market for solar lamp circuit design problems existing proposed improvements. Since the solar lights that they have unique advantages, in recent years, rapid development. Small lawn lamp power, mainly in the decoration for the purpose of mobility requirements, in addition, the circuit laid difficulties, the high water requirements, so that the above requirements can be powered by solar lawn show many unprecedented advantages. Especially in foreign markets than other solar lawn is huge demand for the product. In 2002, china for the manufacture of export solar lawn solar consumption reached 2MW, was equivalent to a third of the domestic production of solar cells, this year remains strong momentum of development, which is that people did not expect. Solar garden lights are widely used in the park, living area and main road Africa. Meanwhile, due to the development is too fast, some product technology is not mature enough, there are many flaws in the selection and circuit design of the light source, the lower the economy and reliability of products, waste a lot of resources. Aiming at the above problems, put forward their own views, for the production of solar lamps factory reference.

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