What is Solar Traffic Lights?

Solar traffic lights is to rely on the sun’s energy to ensure the normal use of lights, it is the use of solar energy, both energy saving and environmental protection, installation Shihai do not need to lay cables. Signal has the storage function to ensure normal operation of 10-30 days. Solar products are characterized by a wire to get rid of the constraints that can be installed in any of the sections in the sun can shine, it is especially suitable for newly built intersection to meet police deal with emergency power, power rationing and the need for other emergency situations.

Solar traffic lights by solar modules, batteries, controller, LED, circuit boards, PC housing, etc., applicable to work around the clock, its biggest advantage is reflected in the use of solar energy and its convenience of mobility, flexibility. The use of solar photovoltaic power without external power supply, construction and installation period is short, with easy to carry, but also alone in warning of any need to remind the place.

1, exquisite appearance, solid structure.
2, double-sealed, IP54 protection class requirements.
3, the signal-emitting color uniformity, high brightness, long life, up to 100,000 hours.
4, series of products, on-demand portfolio, easy to install.
5, lamp life: ≥100000 / h.
6, Low power consumption: Due to LED as a light source, compared to traditional light sources (such as incandescent lamps) with low power consumption, energy saving advantages.
7, the working voltage: can with customer requirements.
8, to adapt to the environment:
a, lights working environment temperature -40 ℃ ~ 50 ℃, can be resistant to high temperature test -40 ℃ ~ + 80 ℃; and
b, the temperature is 25 ℃, the air relative humidity less than 95%.
9, physical and mechanical properties:
a, wind pressure can meet the relevant requirements GB14887 anti 24.5 ~ 28.4m / s of 10 wind;
b, anti-vibration meet the relevant requirements of GB14887.

Emergency instructions
Equipped vehicles on the project, in case of an accident at night, can be removed at any time be placed in front of the car, the car, serve as a warning, help protect the role of the scene.

1, the national standard GA47-2002 “road traffic signal control machine” in the relevant standards.
2, the use of solar energy generation, no other external power source, do not lay wires, can work 24 hours around the clock, without geographical environment.
3, the use of wireless data transfer between the host and the extension signal, do not ground-breaking cabling.
4, ultra-bright LED, and with a special optical lens, viewing angle, far horizon.
5, lamps stepless automatic dimming, day and night can achieve the desired intensity contrast. Not dazzling at night, avoid safety hazards resulting therefrom.
6, the lamp uses PWM constant current output, to ensure its longevity and brightness is not affected by voltage fluctuations.
7, special circumstances, consecutive rainy days can provide two ways for too long external power reserve charge.

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