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working principle

Solar power products using the principle work on the built-in rechargeable battery energy storage, for luminous tube lighting, a push button switch with LED lighting can be realized.

Structure and composition
A housing assembly: upper case, lower case and button switches the solar plate and other components. 2 generating components: the solar electrode plate, nickel hydrogen batteries, control circuits and other components. 3 circuit components: the charging circuit, NiMH battery 40mah / 1.2V, switches and other components .. 4 Lighting components: LED two. Product Features
This product can achieve the following functions: 1 solar power energy storage function. 2 illumination.
Product Description: This product is solar charging small flashlight, no need to replace the battery. Save to the internal battery using solar energy, the use of LED light tube, condenser and good, very good lighting effects, can be equipped with a variety of key ring.

Lighting use: 1 Solar plate facing the sunlight to charge the battery.
2 Press the button lights for illumination.
1 Do not use this product placed in high temperature, high humidity.
2 solar plate facing the sun to charge, otherwise it will greatly affect the charging effect. ʱ??
1 Green: Because this product using sunlight as an energy source, does not produce waste, no pollution, green, green. ʱ??

2 Use of low cost: As the solar inexhaustible, the use of low cost.
3 ultra-high brightness LED lighting: the highest brightness of up 150000MCD.
4LOOG group, free to customize. ʱ??
5 easy to use, no need to replace the battery, solar namely filling. 6 self-locking electronic switch control, long life. ʱ??
7 Innovative products, fashion, modeling exquisite, compact and easy to carry.

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