The development potential of solar energy lamps


Solar industry will be as big
In the solar system, the most complex part of the technology should belong to the solar cell. We can say that the solar cell is the heart of solar power generation system, the development, production and direct impact on the popularization and development of solar power.
The main principle of the solar cell by using a semiconductor material, the thinner the N-type semiconductor is placed on a thick P-type semiconductor, when the photon hits the surface of the device, P-type and N-type semiconductor electron diffusion bonding surface produced current, use upper and lower ends of the current leads to the use of metallic conductors.
Solar cell according to the type of materials used differ, the solar cell can be divided into: 1, silicon solar cells; 2, with an inorganic salt Ⅲ-V compound such as gallium arsenide, cadmium sulfide, copper indium selenide, etc. as the material of the battery polyhydric compound; 3, functional polymer materials produced solar cells; 4, nano-crystalline solar cells.
Silicon is the ideal solar cell material, which is silicon-based solar cells are the main reason. In the above battery monocrystalline silicon solar cell conversion efficiency of the highest, most mature technology, photoelectric conversion efficiency of up to 23.3%. In the production process, the general surface texturing, passivated emitter region, district doping techniques. However, due to the single crystal silicon material prices and the corresponding impact cumbersome process, silicon cost prices, significantly reducing the cost is very difficult, we can not achieve the massive popularity of solar power.
With the continuous development of new materials and related technology to other material-based solar cells are also increasingly showing attractive prospect. Photovoltaic cells, amorphous silicon and crystalline silicon thin film photovoltaic cell hybrid and other aspects.
If the single-crystal silicon is characterized by high efficiency, high cost, other materials battery problem is undoubtedly the low-cost, transforming weak. Compared with the single crystal silicon solar cells, in addition to polycrystalline silicon, cadmium telluride endures, battery photoelectric conversion efficiency of other materials generally does not exceed 15%.
Chinese solar cell development in China began to study solar cells in 1958, first used in 1971 on a satellite launched by China. 1973 for terrestrial solar cells. Because of price and output restrictions, market development is very slow, except as satellite power, solar cells on the ground only for small power systems, such as beacon lights, railway signaling systems.
In 2002, the relevant state ministries launched the “western provinces without electricity electrify rural plan”, through photovoltaics and small wind power to solve the electricity problem seven western rural provinces without electricity. Start this project greatly stimulated the solar power industry, China has built several solar cell packaging line, so that the annual production capacity of solar cells is increasing rapidly.


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