Solar battery technology in lighting applications


Solar Garden light booster circuit for high efficiency low-power solar garden light generally boost circuit manufacturers currently using the oscillating circuit, inductor boost. Inductor using standard color code inductors, standard color code inductor using an open magnetic circuit, a large loss of flux, so low circuit efficiency. If a closed magnetic circuit inductor boost manufacturing, such as magnetic, boost circuit efficiency will be greatly improved. F10 manufacturer has used magnetic inductance, comparative tests under the same conditions, the use of closed circuit inductance manufacturing than with standard color code inductor efficiency by 20% to 40%. However, most manufacturers now because of cost considerations or the use of standard color code inductors.

RJ01 solar lamp control circuit RJ01 SMD controller design, has the following functions: 1) The battery discharge protection;
2) automatic discharge function recovery after charging;
3) Battery overcharge protection;
4) reverse charge ( the solar battery charging);
5) temperature compensation function;
6) automatic switch lamp function (load switched on at night, daytime load cut);

Timesharing / partial pressure of solar lights controlled intelligent system device as a new energy-saving solar lights lamps, it is compared with the traditional lighting has many advantages, but it’s expensive bottleneck application is, therefore, how to reduce the cost of solar lights is an important issue. Sharing, partial pressure of solar lamp technology is a good way to solve this problem. Sharing, the partial pressure control solar lamp technology is the core of the night according to different time periods, people of different control requirements, control the input power solar lights, and the size of the solar cell absorbs energy during the day, solar lights to control the input power, reaching with The minimum cost design to meet the harshest weather conditions people of the most basic requirements of solar lights.

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